Hi Y'all!   It's great to meet you!  My name is Ariel Zarate-Carmona and I have been creating successful events in Austin for thirteen years.  I am the President of Hermanas and started this business because I love helping clients throw amazing events!   As a Certified Wedding and Event Professional working on everything from  weddings to festivals and galas to baby showers I take a lot of prides in bringing  professionalism, creativity, and organization to any event I'm involved with.

But right now I'm really excited to introduce you to my team!  I can't say enough about how talented these coordinators are and how hard they work to deliver superior events! 



Hi, I'm Elena Yanes and for five years I have been overseeing events, from conception and planning to implementation.  I have been so grateful to be able to support my clients through the most important moments of their lives.   My experiences range from graduation and birthday parties to weddings, specials events and everything in between (although weddings do have a special place in my heart). As a mother of two I know how crucial it is for celebratory moments with family and friends to be captured just right, and as a newlywed how important it is for those moments to run smoothly.  My first-hand experience and expertise go hand-in-hand to better help you!  I have a degree in Applied Science, specializing in Meetings and Events, so not only do I have hand-on experience but formal training, as well, so you know you're in good (and manicured) hands!

Crystal S.JPG
Hi friends!  I'm Crystal Sandoval and I have over four years of event experience.  I have a special love for all things weddings, baby showers and birthday celebrations!  After earning an associate degree in Applied Science specializing in Meeting and Events I put my knowledge of  organization, time management and strategic planning skills to work.   I love connecting with clients and believe that music, dancing and bold lip color is essential to any great event.  When i'm not planning events you can find me with new husband playing with our baby boy! 
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